Mission & Vision

The Institute’s mission is to advance the state of knowledge, technical skills and discipline for performing strategic business valuation for investment purposes. It also disseminates these advances to the academic and professional communities and to students.

In support of this mission, three key objectives have been formulated for the Institute:

  • Research: Encourage the development of a broad program of research on strategic business studies and the creation and measurement of value in an enterprise
  • Education: Provide future business professionals with the techniques and expertise to assess and understand businesses, business strategies and the tangible and intangible assets that contribute to their value
  • Outreach: Provide information on an ongoing basis to academic and professional communities, and to students about the Institute’s programs and activities

The primary means to accomplish this mission are:


  • An endowed research chair
  • The Michael Lee-Chin & Family Professorship in Strategic Business Studies
  • A program of research grants to encourage inter-disciplinary scholarly research activities in the areas of creation and measurement of value in a business enterprise or organization


  • Endowed professorships
  • MBA specialization in Strategic Business Valuation
  • Scholarships for students in the Strategic Business Valuation specialization
  • In September, 2010, The Canadian Institute of Chartered Business Valuators (CICBV) and the DeGroote School of Business at McMaster University signed an agreement which allows MBA graduates from the School of Business who have specialized in Strategic Business Valuation to earn advanced standing in the CICBV Program of Studies towards becoming a Chartered Business Valuator (CBV)


  • An Advisory Board has been formed, composed of professionals and academics with expertise and interest in the broad area of strategic business studies
  • Strategic Business Valuation was added as a theme at the 28th McMaster World Congress, January 2007.
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