On business theory and influential scholarship: What makes research interesting?

Author(s): Vishwanath V. Baba
Web Index: 2015-05
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Couched within a theory of business, this paper explores what makes business scholarship influential and probe into mechanisms that make a paper interesting to its audience. It presents a framework to combine several attributes of influential scholarship and presents a model for making research interesting. Examples of interesting scholarship are provided and speculations about why they are interesting and why they might be influential are offered. In addition, suggestions are made as to what individuals and institutions can do to promote and sustain influential scholarship.

Valuation Insight

Baba argues with the value theory of business that businesses create wealth for society by consolidating the value enhancements from various sources. These sources (such as working with people, engaging stakeholders, processing information) are considered separately in the various business disciplines. Interesting research in business similarly creates value by consolidating the various sources to better understand the processes by which management can create wealth.
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