Radical Innovation in Strategic Partnerships: A Framework for Analysis

Author(s): Anna Sadovnikova, Ashish Pujari, and Andrey Mikhailitchenko
Web Index: 2014-05
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The study proposes a conceptual model of the phenomenon of a radical innovation partnership and examines particular partner attributes affecting its performance. Borrowing from the paradox perspective in organizational studies, the model argues that a radical innovation partnership features several paradoxes – the paradox of a partnership structure, the paradox of partnership resources, and the paradox of partnership processes and that particular partner attributes affect the competing demands within each paradox. The paper further argues that contribution of each partner attribute is specific and differentiated. Deficiency in any attribute leads to imbalances across the paradoxes and less than optimal performance.

Valuation Insight

Sadovnikova, Pujari, and Mikhailitchenko study how value is created in partnerships pursuing breakthrough innovations. Deficiency in any of the attributes – strategic alignment, knowledge complementarity and relational competency – leads to imbalances and should be avoided for optimal performance and value creation.
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