MBA Specialization in Strategic Business Valuation

What is Strategic Business Valuation about?

The MBA Specialization in Strategic Business Valuation is intended to train investment professionals and future business managers in the best practices for business valuation. It draws upon traditional valuation techniques and interdisciplinary models as well as newer, more contemporary approaches, especially in the area of valuation of intangible assets. Since the program’s introduction in 2004, 96 students have graduated with a specialization in SBV and 23 students have received Michael Lee-Chin & Family Scholarships valued at $5,000 – $10,000 each.

The underlying philosophy of this approach is that wise investments are made for the long run rather than for quick returns through rapid buying and selling. This approach requires the identification of firms for investment which have enduring financial health and growth. Such long term potential can only be assessed through a complete analysis of the firm.

Career Paths and Prospects

Students in the Strategic Business Valuation specialization are the next generation of financial professionals. They learn best practices for business valuation through a unique interdisciplinary approach which includes: investigative techniques to identify the drivers of value in an enterprise, case analysis, and class discussion. They are exposed to interdisciplinary models and investigative techniques that thoroughly value the whole business, including both tangible and intangible assets, drawing upon both traditional valuation techniques as well as newer, more contemporary approaches. The purpose is to accurately and exhaustively profile firms to identify those that meet rigorous standards of excellence and growth.

What is the major role of a valuation specialist?

  • Determine the fair market value of a business or an asset

What kinds of firms hire valuation specialists?

  • Financial institutions
  • Portfolio management firms
  • Consulting firms
  • Investment firms
  • Insurance companies
  • Large, global organizations with in house risk management/ finance expertise

What kinds of situations require valuation services?

  • Buying or selling a business
  • Investing
  • Evaluation of estate or personal worth
  • Selling, purchasing or expanding a business
  • Insurance claims
  • Forensic accounting
  • Stock ownership and option plans
  • Liquidation, reorganization
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Valuing stock ownership plans
  • Valuation of tangible and intangible assets

Objectives and Teaching Approach

The pedagogy in the specialization stresses the use of conceptual/theoretical material in analyses that have practical value in solving the kinds of problems and making the kinds of decisions that are encountered in the workplace. Graduates are thus prepared to enter unique positions in the financial and investment industry and are well prepared to assume positions of responsibility relatively quickly.

Please see our Course Requirements page for more information.

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